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Dust and Glory: The Movie

An explosive action adventure romance set against the most astonishing road race on the planet

Out of the past...

20 years before the Sydney Opera House was built ... ten years before four lane highways were built ... and a year before television arrived ... came a mechanised dust storm.

Out of this dust came the most astonishing road race on the planet:

The Legendary Redex Trials

THE INGREDIENTS: An insane mix of vehicles commandeered by a clinically insane bunch of drivers from around the globe.

THE RULES: What rules? Make them compete by driving around Australia in appalling conditions where only the toughest men and cars survive. Where often roads didn’t even exist and breakdowns were fixed with twine and bailing wire.

THE DRAMA: Add the tension of a romance between competitors and the dilemma of having to choose between winning the race or saving the life of the one you love.
Throw in copious quantities of cheating, skull-duggery, practical jokes and humour from that bygone era and you have ...

DUST AND GLORY. A comedy action adventure love story set against the most gruelling race on the planet.

“We’ve got to cover 10,000 miles, dodge 5,000 kangaroos, cross 1,000 creeks, beat all these other guys, stop this car falling apart, go faster than everyone else, and not make a single mistake in three weeks driving. Are you really willing to bet your life on winning?”



DUST AND GLORY is the story of a car race ...the longest, roughest, toughest craziest car race in the world ... a 10,000 mile event, right around Australia. It is set at a time when roads around the coast were outback tracks of appalling roughness and a journey like this was more a pioneering adventure than a motor sport.

The redex Trials of the 1950s captured the imagination of post war Australia like no other event. Through regular radio updates the entire country followed the fortunes of the competitors during the race, and huge crowds turned out along the routes to cheer cars and drivers. Competitors were feted at every stop like movie stars.

DUST AND GLORY combines the best of the actual real life characters, events of the three actual redex Trials, along with harrowing and dynamic fictional character amalgamations which weaves a tapestry of hilarious and gripping adventure that might have happened – had there been a fourth race!

As in the actual trials, DUST AND GLORY depicts the zaniest collection of contestants ever to get behind a wheel – showbiz celebs, wealthy amateurs, criminals, raving lunatics, and even a few bona fide professional drivers!

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'Expendables 2' Director Simon West Boarding Racing Adventure 'Dust and Glory'


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